Impacts of Separation on Children

Impacts of Separation on Children

According to the College of Law some of the most common impacts of separation on children can include:

  • They fear being abandoned by one or both of their parents
  • They want their parents to reconcile
  • They experience grief and loss, and especially so if they are also separated from extended family members that they are close to
  • Kids worry about the additional stressors on their single parent families
  • Sometimes they can experience social dislocation from their peer groups and or schools
  • Often they can experience a decrease in their socioeconomic status
  • In the early stages of separation children are often anxious and uncertain about their future


We often recommend some counselling for all members of a separating or separated family. The adjustment period takes time and will be influenced by the age and gender of the children involved. The impact on Children can be minimised where parents remain child focused during and after separation. There are a number of good programs that can help Parents understand the importance of remaining vigilant about the children during this difficult time. Some of these programs include:

  • Parents not Partners; and
  • Parenting After Separation.


If you would like more information about the above programs and the organisations that facilitate same, please contact our office on 02 4929 2225.