Donor Agreements for when the stars align

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Donor Agreements for when the stars align

On social media recently, Natalie Imbruglia (of Torn fame) shared that she is pregnant with the help of IVF and a sperm donor. People who are looking to create a family through a donor can sometimes be swept up in the excitement of planning parenthood and becoming a parent and forget that there are very important conversations and decisions that need to be made.

A Donor Agreement is an integral document if you are thinking about being a donor or using a donor to conceive. The primary purpose of a Donor Agreement is to clearly identify the role of the donor and what involvement the donor will (or will not) have with the child. Whilst a Donor Agreement is not legally binding or enforceable, this process allows negotiations and input from both sides so that everyone knows exactly where they stand.

At Merridy Elphick Lawyers, we can advise you regarding the issues you should be discussing and considering and the pros and cons of certain arrangements. For example, as a donor is it your intention to have no involvement or relationship with the child whatsoever? Or are you going into this arrangement wanting shared parental responsibility for the child and if you are going to have a relationship with the child, what will that look like?

It is essential that all parties feel a mutual trust throughout this process. There is no greater heartbreak than going through the donor process and having a child born, only then for miscommunications to tear everything apart.

We can draft a comprehensive Donor Agreement that reflects your particular circumstances – because every single family is unique.

Our solicitor Sacha Mastras is an accredited specialist and is experienced in surrogacy and donor related matters. Please do not hesitate to contact Sacha on 02 4929 2225 if you have any questions.