Family Lawyers – do I need one and how do they help me?

, Family Lawyers – do I need one and how do they help me?, Merridy Elphick Lawyers

Family Lawyers – do I need one and how do they help me?

The breakdown of a relationship is a stressful and emotional time as our clients navigate through grief and a transition period in their lives. Unfortunately soon after separation, our clients are often faced with questions such as:

  • Where will my children live?
  • How much time will my children spend with the other parent?
  • Can I support my children and myself financially?
  • Do I want to retain the family home or the family business, and can I afford to do so?
  • How much money do I need to survive following my separation and in the future?


The above questions represent the very real and important decisions faced by our clients and the answer to those questions is unique to each individual’s circumstances.

As family lawyers, our role is to provide our clients with specialised legal advice in relation to their entitlements and obligations which arise under the Family Law Act. In most cases, we are able to support our clients through advising them of their options on how to pursue a property settlement or appropriate care arrangements for their children by negotiating a sensible outcome with their former partner or spouse.

In other cases, it may be necessary to file an Application in the Family Courts seeking that a Judge make Orders for children and/or in relation to property and financial matters. In that case your family lawyer, will be there to guide you through the Court process and advocate on your behalf.

When selecting a family lawyer to assist you it is important that you feel understood by your lawyer and confident in the advice provided to you. Your family lawyer should have the skills to listen to you and understand your particular concerns and issues raised – no two families are the same, and no two family law cases are run the same way.

If you have recently separated from your partner and need advice on your rights and responsibilities please call Merridy Elphick Lawyers and one our experienced family law solicitors will be happy to speak with you about how we can help you.