Property & Financial Matters

Every relationship is unique, and therefore, in the event of a relationship breakdown, there must be a unique solution to finalise property and financial matters.

Merridy Elphick Lawyers provide accurate and informative advice to guide you to an agreement with regard to your property and financial matters.

In reaching a property settlement it is important to value the assets and liabilities of both parties. In most cases, this is a relatively uncomplicated matter. However, it may also include an examination of assets that the parties hold an interest in but do not legally own. For example, when there is an interest in an Estate or a Family Trust.

It is important to give equal consideration to the contributions and future needs of each party. We are experienced in both the understanding and the application of the law to the relevant facts of each case when determining our clients’ property entitlements.

Property & Financial Matters, Property & Finance Settlements Newcastle, Merridy Elphick Lawyers

We have extensive experience in negotiating settlements, and if required, attending Court in matters concerning:

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We provide clear and concise advice to our clients on their entitlements and obligations and aim to settle disputes through negotiation wherever possible. In the event that property disputes cannot be settled by negotiation, we are able to represent our clients through all stages of the Court process.