Preparing for Mediation

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Preparing for Mediation

When we are preparing our clients for mediation it is important that we ask them a number of questions to ensure that they are ready. Some of those questions include:

  • Why haven’t you been able to settle this matter by yourselves?
  • What would help this conflict to settle?
  • What would you like us, as your lawyers, to do to help you reach an agreement?
  • What risks do each of you face if you walk away from the mediation without being able to settle?
  • How you, as the client, will respond to normal patterns of negotiation.

For mediation to be successful good preparation is required and this includes asking the right questions of our clients and at the same time having a realistic discussion about what the substantive outcomes might be.

As your Family Lawyer, we can help you with the preparation and attendance at mediation in both children and property matters.

If you have any questions about the mediation process or wish to engage one of our solicitors to act as your Family Lawyer, please do not hesitate to contact our office on 02 4929 2225.