Looking after yourself post separation.

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Looking after yourself post separation.

Separation is a life changing event. No matter who ended the relationship, it can be a challenging time and will often involve intense emotions, even if you know that the separation is the best outcome for you and your family in the long term.

Separation is a time when there is an increased risk of family violence, both physical and emotional. There are also many considerations and decisions to make around property, the children, living arrangements and your future financial position. With all of this going on, it is easy to forget about you, your health and wellbeing.

It is important to look after yourself during this time and to get the support you need.  People with children may be concerned about how the children will cope while the parents make new arrangements for their children’s ongoing care.

During this time it is important that you do the following:

  1. Ensure you and the children are safe – if you are at immediate risk, contact the Police. You may also be able to locate other services to assist you on 1800respect.org.au.
  2. Seek legal advice – if nothing else an initial consultation with a solicitor will provide you with the opportunity to obtain advice specific to your situation which will assist you to make informed and child-focused decisions moving forward. Engaging a lawyer to act on your behalf may also alleviate some of the conflict and tension in communicating directly with the other party.
  3. Seek professional help – don’t try to deal with everything on your own. There are many professional services available to help people who are separating and if necessary, you may consider attending upon a counsellor or psychologist;
  4. Consider engaging in a community-based course or program, such as Parenting after Separation or Keeping Kids in Focus, that may assist you during this time.
  5. Seek financial advice or assistance, through Centrelink, your accountant or your financial advisor.

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